Kirsten Birkeland is a writer and communications consultant whose ties to Alaska began with her conception in Soldotna, and continued throughout her upbringing in the Pacific Northwest visiting siblings in Junea, Fairbanks and Kenai.


"I've been to Alaska enough to know that just living there doesn't make you an Alaskan. Every time I met a new person when I was there, it was rare that I didn't hear a pretty interesting story about how they came to not just live in the 49th state, but consider themselves Alaskan. Whether it was their reason for coming or what they learned about themselves once they'd arrived.  the stories were almost always fascinating. I decided those stories deserve to be told and I'm taking a year  to focus on telling them."


Kirsten began her career as a journalist, writing for both broadcast and print before moving into corporate communications where she continued to write all manner of stories before launching her communications training consultancy PrepTalk Coaching in 2012.


Kirsten will be spending much of 2020 capturing the stories of these emigrants to Alaska and the 100 roads they have taken to get there.


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