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Searching For Roadies

A look at who and what will make for the best "Roadies" - subjects for the book One Hundred Roads to Alaska

While a serpentine path connecting Alaskan contacts new and old continues in cyberspace, I want to open the search for this book's subjects to a wider base. I've been asked more than a few times "What makes someone a good subject for this book" and the answer tends to be pretty simple.

You didn't start out as an Alaskan but you sure are one now.

“I'm especially interested in the why: Why did you make that decision to come to Alaska? Were you lured by the freedom or natural beauty? Did you hop on a boat/plane with nothing but a sense of adventure? Were you running away from something, or perhaps running toward a life you ultimately had to build yourself? There are many roads people take to Alaska. I want to tell a hundred of them."

Nominating a "Roadie"

This book is only possible because of those willing to tell their "Road" stories. If you think you or someone you know would make a good subject for this book, here are some of the things we'll be asking about:

- The specific "why" behind your move. For some this will be pretty clear-cut ("I wanted to study avalanches") while others may be more amorphous ("I just wanted something different.") Either way we'll be looking to talk a bit more about this

- We're interested in stories that are interesting/dramatic/amusing/scary, etc. This may be about leaving your last home, adjusting to life in Alaska, what you learned or dealt with, etc.

- What does it mean to be Alaskan - and when you knew you met (or will meet) that description.

This Blog

As we begin to gather more complete stories, we will be giving some sneak peeks into the stories on the "Story Sample" section of the website. We are also in conversations about running these stories periodically in a newspaper or magazine so stay tuned for updates about where else you can read



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